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Scooters for the elderly

Mobility scooters are the best way to get around when your mobility is not what it used to be. From around the house, to a trip to your corner shops or across town. Mobility scooters offer a certain level of independence from arthritis and other ailments as they become more prevalent in your day to day activities. We’ve got the solution, done the research for you and hand picked the best scooters for seniors.

Your questions answered.

Are scooters safe for the elderly?

Scooters for the elderly are a safe and reliable solution if they have the ability to operate and are not suffering from chronic illness which is likely to flare up whilst using the scooter.

What are the rules for mobility scooters?

Regulations differ from country to country and state to state. Most mobility scooters are set to travel at a maximum speed of 10km/h. This speed should lower speed if the pavement is narrow and if the user is not able to react fast enough to his/her surroundings.

What is the purpose of a mobility scooter?

It is designed for anyone, but specifically seniors and mobility challenged, to make it easier to get around. Instead of walking, relying on a lift with the aid of another person, or riding on public transport, a mobility scooter is an excellent aid for any walking difficulty.

What are the different types of a mobility scooters?

Three-wheel mobility scooters: For indoor use as they are smaller and lighter.

Four-wheel mobility scooters: For outdoor use as it gives extra stability.

Travel mobility scooters: The lightest and are designed to fold down to be able to be transported in the back of the car.

Heavy mobility scooters: This is suitable for heavier people as they have the capacity to handle up to 250 kilograms.

We have a solution for all your needs, get in contact today for the best price and tailored solution to your needs.


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