Protect yourself on-the-go.


Naturally New Zealand hand sanitiser is a trusted way for instant and convenient protection against 99.9% of germs. This hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol for optimal effectiveness. Made with care and quality; it is easy on your skin and contains moisturising ingredients leaving your hands clean, refreshed and healthy. Non-sticky, rinse free formula that is simple, fast and effective.

Made in New Zealand.

Naturally New Zealand 250ml Hand Sanitiser

  • Directions:

    • Simply squeeze a coin sized amount onto your palm, rub on all surfaces of your hands until evaporated.

    Product Information:

    • Contains 70% alcohol. 
    • Antiviral and Antibacterial.
    • No need for soap or water.
    • Excess liquid evaporates after application. 

    Postage Details:

    • This can be dispatched within New Zealand during Alert Level 4.
      • These orders are transported by land. 
      • This can only be shipped domestically within New Zealand. 
    • Please make contact if you wish to purchase an alternate quantity from that shown.

​​Pete Williams 

Tel: +64 27 270 8000


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