Argentina and Uruguay: Last minute 'accessible' and adventure

Updated: Jan 31

Having just returned to New Zealand from living in Cleveland , I was at a loose end. Looking for a job had been overly exhausting, 200+ applications and many interviews.

I needed a break. Buenos Aries came up on the Air New Zealand GrabaSeat holiday package site. Only issue was it was a share-twin basis. With no significant other, but a 30 year milestone coming up for my sister, who also shared a love for travel. It was a no brainier, birthday present complete.

As with most travel sites and packages, there is no way to know if the tour was going to be accessible. When we arrived in Buenos Aries, we were met by the tour guides who ushered us to our bus. Yes bus. There was no lift to get onto the bus so I bum shuffled but the four stairs and sat in the front row. When we arrived at the hotel, I was faced with another issue. 4 stairs into the lobby.

Day one started off with breakfast at the hotel then onto the bus for a city tour. Fantastic sites to see in BA, Eva Perón's grave along with many fascinating burial plots some going up to 4 stories below ground.


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