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How can we help?

AccessMe develop solutions to help Individuals and businesses stay ahead of complex disability issues.  We specialise in accessible local and international tourism, home/workplace and general building access projects, aging in place solutions, disability and elder coaching, education and employment.


Our team have worked nationally and globally with disability equipment, accessibility consulting and disability sports organisations for over 20 years.  We have project managed and completed numerous accessibility modifications (hotel rooms, workplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms) and provided solutions professionals said were non-existent.

AccessMe offers quality customer-centric solutions from coaching individuals with life changing disability issues, through to access issues such as changing business access, cultures and attitudes.

We provide the training and support to implement proven solutions that ensures you or your business and staff have the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complex disability environment.

Managing Director, Pete Williams has lived disability his entire life; born with mild spina bifida in the 1980's he has experienced and navigated the complex disability world for over 35 years.

His areas of expertise include, life coaching, accessible renovations, equipment, employment, the education system from kindergarten to university, disability sports and community engagement and the nuances of Ministry of Health and ACC support systems.

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